Sounds great! I want to know more...

How long will the repair take?

In-person repairs take around 20 minutes. But if your device needs a little more lovin' it may take a little longer.  By mail repairs should take around 2-3 business days  depending on the post. Once we receive repairs, we fix and post them back within a day.



Do you use genuine parts? 

Only genuine parts are used wherever possible. 


Do you guarantee the repair? 

Absolutely. We perform all our work to the highest quality to ensure you get your iPhone, iPad or iPod back in factory condition. Our warranty is for 12 months on the parts we replaced.


What should I do before the repair? 

We recommend you back-up your device before you send it in for repair. For details on how to do this visit Apple Support: 



What happens if my device is lost in the post? 

Contact Australia Post with your tracking number and they will be able to assist you. For more information visit: 



What if my device is unrepairable or I decide not to repair it? 

Well send it back to you and you can do with it what you will. We are always interested in buying damaged iPhones, iPads or iPods, so talk to us for more info. 



How do I pay for my repair?

Check out our Payments page for details. 



Is my payment secure? 

PayPal secure all transfers and we will never have access to your credit card or bank details. 



Do you buy damaged or unrepairable iPhones? 

Absolutely. Give us a call to discuss.